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 MARCH 2017
Welcome to Ms. Gillis Physical Education class.  This week we will continue to rock out with more fun games. This week activity will be Survivor!!! Below is the description of the Activity that we will be working on for all grades from K-8.
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Objective: Students will be divided into four teams. Students will be provided one scooter per team and multiplue ideas such as: tennis balls, basketballs, soccer balls, tennis racquet & etc. Students will start at the starting point on one side of the gym. Students haVE to transfer all the items to the other side of the gym only using the scooter and their feet. Students hands and items can not touch the floor. If item or hands touch the floor, they must start over from the starting point. students must work together as a team to finish the game/activity. The team that transfers all items to the other side first wins the game/activity. TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!!!
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·All students must come to school/class dressed in full St. Bartholomew gym uniform and sneakers.