WEEK of June 12, 2017-Easter Season

Happy Feast of of the Most Holy Trinity!





Fatima Movie Questions

Fatima Questions:

(1) Describe the variety of reactions that the children receive in response to their story about the apparitions? Which character in the story reacts in a way that most resembles your own reaction?
(2) What messages are repeated during the six months that the apparitions take place?
(3) What do you see as the primary purpose of the apparitions?
(3) Which of Our Lady's predictions/warnings came true?


 GR 5 Religion

This we will learn about Jesus' teaching about the Narrow Gate as well as learn about the five types of prayer.


GR6 Religion

This week we will begin studying the 5th commandment.

ELA Final Test Study Guide:
(1) The four types of sentences, page 4.
(2) Indentifying Purpose and Audience, page 34-35 and Choosing an Appropriate Form, page 36.
(3) Organizing Ideas in a Paragraph, pages 88-89 and Paragraph Unity and Coherence, pages 92-93.
(4) Vocabulary list.
(5) Intro A.B.C.D. or A.B.C. format for essay.
(6) M.E.A.L. body paragraph format for essay.
(7) A Long Walk to Water:
-The use of the Arabic language in Sudan
-Water as a natural resource
-What type of literary genre is A Long Walk to Water?
-Salva and the challenges he faces.
Religion Final Study Guide:
(1) The Incarnation
(2) Type and Typology
(3) The four sources for knowledge about God
(4) Angels-What do we know about them?
(5) The Holy Trinity
(6) Mortal Sin and the three requirements necessary for a sin to be mortal.
(7) The effects of mortal sin.
(8) Venial sin and its consequences.
(9) The Holy Spirit
(10) The writers of the New Testament-Which books did Mark, Matthew, John, and Luke write?
(11) Jesus Christ and the angels.
(12) Padre Pio and Confession.
(13) W.R.A.P. meditation
(14) The Immaculate Conception and the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
(15) The Disciples on the Road to Emmaus
Possible Essay Topics:
(1) The gifts of Adam and Eve
(2) Mortal Sin
(3) The Soul
The new vocabulary list will be given out this week. 
Please make sure you study the "Creation and Fall of Man" worksheet.
Among the possible topics for the short essay question are The Great Fall and the soul of man.
Make sure you know the gifts God gave Adam and Eve, what did they lose as a result of their sin, and how did their sin impact the rest of us.
Study as well the key biblical passages that are cited in the worksheet. Reread Genesis 2 and 3 as well.
The ELA test will be on Thursday. It will cover information about the INTO paragraph and the M.E.A.L. Body paragrah format. Look over your workbook chapters about paragraphs and study your list of vocabulary words.
ELA Homework:
Word Models for words 6-10 on the vocabulary list.
ELA Homework:
Write a character sketch of one of the characters from The Wizard of Oz
(1) W.R.A.P. meditation on the Sunday Gospel. The Sunday Gopsel can be found on page 100 of your Magnificat prayer book.
You will receive your new set of vocabulary words next week.

gr8 Religion & ELA
This week we will be analyzing a faith based film.

Please check website every week for online assignments: www.portaportal.com
Guest access: hharvey23


June 11:

The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

June 12:

7th Grade Religion Final

June 13:

7th Grade ELA Final

June 18:

The Solemnity of Corpus Christi

June 22: Last Day of School.