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all math students must have the multiplication tables memorized in order to have a successful year.


  Week of June 12, 2017


gr5 math

Mon How can you identify and classify polygons?

Tue Explain why all regular pentagons have the same shape.

Wed How you can classify triangles? Explain.

Thu Can you tell that a triangle is obtuse, right, or acute without measuring the angles? Explain.

Fri How can you classify and compare quadrilaterals?


Mon Music

Tue Art

Wed Gym

gr6 math

Mon How can you describe how a data set was collected?

Tue How can you use dot plots and frequency tables to display data?

Wed How can you use a histogram to display data?

Thu How does the mean represent a fair share a balance point?

Fri What is the mean of 3, 3, 3, 3, 3? Explain how you know.

gr7 math

MonDescribe a situation that has a theoretical probability of ¼.

Tue How can you find the probability of a simple event if the total number of equally likely outcomes is 20?

Wed How do you find the probability of a compound event?

Fri There are 6 ways a given compound event can occur. What else do you know to find the theoretical probability of the event? 


Mon Music

Tue Art

Wed Gym


gr8 math

Mon How can you use two-way tables to solve real-world problems?

Wed How can you use scatter plots to solve real-world problems?

Thu How can you construct and interpret two-way tables?

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June 13th
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June 16th
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June 17th
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June 17th
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June 22nd
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