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all math students must have the multiplication tables memorized in order to have a successful year.


  Week of April 24, 2017


gr5 math

Mon How can you use a line graph to display and analyze real world data? pg. 189

Tue pg. 190

Wed How can you identify a relationship between two numerical patterns? pg. 191

Thu pg. 192

Fri How can you use the stategy solve a simpler problem to help you solve a problem with patterns? pg. 193-194


Mon Music

Tue Art

Wed Gym

gr6 math

Mon How do you plot polygons on a coordinate plane and find their side lengths? pg. 205

Tue What is the relationship between a net and the surface area of a prism? pg. 206

Wed How can you find the surface area of a prism? pg. 207

Thu pg. 208

Fri How can you find the surface area of a pyramid? pg. 209-210

gr7 math

Mon What can happen if a sample is too small or is not random? pg. 326

Tue pg. 327

Wed pg. 328

Thu How can you use random samples to solve real world problems? pg. 329

Fri How can you use solve real world problems by analyzing and comparing data? pg. 331


Mon Music

Tue Art

Wed Gym


gr8 math

Mon How can you describe the effect of a dilation on coordinates using an algebraic representation? pg. 320-321

Tue A dilation of (x, y) → (kx, Ky) when 0 < k < 1 has what effect on the figure? What is the effect on the figure when k > 1? pg. 324

Wed pg. 325

Thu What is the connection between transformations and similar figures? pg. 326-327

Fri If two figures are similar but not congruent, what do you know about the sequence of transformations used to create one from the other? pg. 330

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