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all math students must have the multiplication tables memorized in order to have a successful year.


  Week of March 20, 2017


gr5 math

Mon How can you use the strategy guess, check, and revise to solve problems with fractions? pg. 164-165

Tue pg. 166

Wed pg. 169

Thu How do you divide a whole number by a fraction and divide a fraction by a whole number? pg. 170

Fri How can the strategy draw a diagram help you solve fraction division problems by writing a multiplication sentence? pg. 171-172 


Mon Music

Tue Art

Wed Gym

gr6 math

Mon How can you graph the relationship between two quantities? pg. 179-180

Tue How can you translate between equations and graphs? pg. 183

Wed How can you find the area of a parallelogram? pg. 184-185

Thu pg. 186

Fri What is the relationship among the areas of triangles, rectangles, and parallelograms? pg. 187-188 

gr7 math

Mon How do you find the volume of a figure made of cubes and prisms? pg. 288-289

Tue How do you find the volume of a composite solid formed by two or more prisms? pg. 292

Wed pg. 293

Thu pg. 294

Fri How can you use geometry figures to solve real-world problems? pg. 295


Mon Music

Tue Art

Wed Gym


gr8 math

Mon How do you describe the properties of translation and their effect on the congruence and orientation of figures? pg. 289

Tue How do you describe the properties of rotation and their effect on the congruence and orientation of figures? pg. 290-291

Wed What are the properties of rotations? pg. 294

Thu pg. 295

Fri How can you describe the effect of a translation, rotation, or reflection on coordinates using an algebraic representation? pg. 296-297 

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