St. Bartholomew School

Celebrating 90 years of Catholic Education

1924 - 2014


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There are a limited number of seats in grades 1-7.  

Please call the school's office for more information.


Principal's News

Dear Parents and Guardians,


It’s hard to believe that we are entering our second month of school.  By now the children have established their routines and their teachers are hard at work preparing challenging lessons for them. Every student should have the complete uniform by now.  Students are expected to be correctly attired at all times.  If there is a problem with obtaining a uniform, you need to send a note to the student’s teacher.

All students are expected to be at school on time.  The bell rings at 8:10am.  If your child is not on line when the bell rings, they are considered late.  Please see to it that your child does not begin a pattern of lateness which is very difficult to correct.

The month of October is traditionally known as the month of the Rosary.  Catholics are invited to pray the Rosary in honor of the Blessed Virgin.  We will continue this practice at school.   

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St. Bartholomew School opened in September 1924.  The school has gone through quite a number of changes over the years but one thing has remained constant; the dedication of the pastor, principal, teachers and staff to the educational needs of our students. We aim to incorporate the rich cultural diversity of our students with a student-centered learning environment within our school.
We passionately believe the entire community benefits from the wide diversity of gifts with which our students are blessed.  We are fortunate to be part of a large faith filled community. Teachers motivate each child to his/her potential; spiritually, morally, emotionally, intellectually and socially so that mutual respect is fostered.