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Mrs. Jeannette Boursiquot-Charles

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Dear Parents,

Welcome Spring!! As we enter the month of April, we anticipate all the beauties usually associated with this month.  We sing “ALLELUIA” (a word put in reserve during Lent).  Lovely flowers begin to bloom as the trees, leaves and grass glisten with a beautiful shade of green.  Nature seems to go through many changes as do we.  As the weather begins to get a bit warmer, “Spring Fever” usually sets in.  Let us remind our children that they must continue to work hard until the very last day of school.

Please pay close attention to the calendar as we have many important things scheduled this month. NYS Testing will take place the weeks of April 1st and 27th.  Please pay close attention to the dates and ensure that your child is present each day. Make-ups will not be available so it is imperative that your child is here for every test.

Our 3rd grade students will receive the Sacrament of Penance on Thursday April 3rd.  Students in grades 4-8 will also attend a special Penance service on that day.

Palm Sunday begins Holy Week in the Church the holiest week of the year.  The students will present The Stations of the Cross on Monday April 14th immediately following the 9am Mass.  We encourage everyone to attend this moving depiction of Our Lord’s final days on earth.  

There are a number of families who have not re-registered for the new school year.  It is very important that you send in your forms as books must be ordered in advance for the new school year.  Also we would like to remind you that financial aid is available for students entering Pre-K.  Please pass this information along to your families and friends.

In closing I would like to bring your attention to an important matter regarding attendance.  Please do not schedule “family vacations” during the school year.  As stated in our attendance policy; “Extended vacations are not sanctioned by the school”.  The laws of NY State make attendance at school mandatory.  If you decide to take your child out of school, there will be no special accommodations made regarding missed exams, state tests, assignments etc.  

We ask for your cooperation in this serious matter.


Mrs. Charles

Jesus Christ is Risen!! Alleluia!!!

March Awards

Student of the Month
Kayla Rivera Junior Tenezaca
Jasmine Miller
6th Xavier Dutan Shanell Brown
5th Bryan Palma Skylah Lorenzo
4th Steven Bueno Amrita Das
3rd Anthony Salazar Donovan Lam
2nd Kenny Huaracallo Cristina Gil
1st Aidan Gomes Natalia Ramirez
K Nicholas Borja Evelyn DeJesus  



St. Bartholomew School

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St. Bartholomew School opened in September 1924.  The school has gone through quite a number of changes over the years but one thing has remained constant; the dedication of the pastor, principal, teachers and staff to the educational needs of our students. We aim to incorporate the rich cultural diversity of our students with a student-centered learning environment within our school.
We passionately believe the entire community benefits from the wide diversity of gifts with which our students are blessed.  We are fortunate to be part of a large faith filled community. Teachers motivate each child to his/her potential; spiritually, morally, emotionally, intellectually and socially so that mutual respect is fostered.